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We are a family firm. Our business was established in 1983.

We offer a wide variety of socks, for example: socks for men, ladies, young people and children.

Our offer is characterized by rich-pattern designing and diversity of color tones. In order to meet customers’ expectations we use high quality technology and materials.

As a producer, we are open to any kind of suggestions and comments associated with our products.

P.P.H.U. "MARGARITA" ul. Stokrotki 10a, 91-864 Lodz, POLAND;
phone./fax. +48 42 659 40 47, mobile. +48 600 07 32 03,
e-mail: margarita@margarita.pl

Контакты на русском языке: Tomasz Bilicki 606 764 984

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